Youth are engaged and enthusiastic, though typically marginalized, in policy discussions. It is a positive step that Canada is formulating a new policy that takes into account the priorities, concerns, and vision that youth in this country have for their peers and future.


With this in mind, and given the ongoing development of policy, this youth-led and youth-organized series aims to ensure that as many young voices as possible are heard and accounted for. Your views matter!

Photo by Stephen Underhay

By working with pre-existing networks of Canadian youth leaders and youth-led organizations, this cross-country series hopes to reach as many young Canadians as possible and hear their diverse perspectives in an inclusive setting, with the goal of:


  • Identifying issues important to youth and solutions to improve the lives of young Canadians;

  • Examining the supports that enable all youth, regardless of their background, to be Canada’s leaders; and

  • Understanding how youth want their voices to be heard and how youth want to influence the Government of Canada’s actions and decisions.